Jennifer Scappettone

Twelve Stills from 'Neosuprematist Webtexts'

not brightsome but excess- by Jennifer Scappettone

shall not damage it's silver by Jennifer Scappettone

arrow humm-- by Jennifer Scappettone

in buildingcrush be by Jennifer Scappettone

Neosuprematist Webtexts by Jennifer Scappettone on show in Ghent

Statement: Atropostic

The premise of these neosuprematist webtexts arose by accident: coastal, fortuitous plunge into structure.
From the page's placidity to the strife of other dimensions: the verse accumulates gravity, suffers remoteness, recession.
The poetic line endures its mereness in that all-context which is the natural and its contradiction.
The poetic line endures its obsolescence.
Abjectly concrete. Captive of camera alone.
Non-aeolian winds vie with pyrolidin and page to force suppler architectonics, present in time as well as space:
Reader, persist please every which way & repeatedly;
a hoard of these awaits animation, permutations.

- Jennifer Scappettone
Woodside, California - Inwood, Manhattan

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